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Auto Insurance Law Maine

Maine Motor Vehicle Insurance

If you live in the state of Maine you must have a the state minumum limits of auto insurance before you drive.

Maine Auto Insurance Prerequisites

If you live in Maine and your car is registered in Maine you must hold:

Liability insurance$50,000 / $100,000 total 

Medical $2,000 

Property Damage $25,000

Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage This type of policy will help protect you if you're in an accident and the other driver does not have insurance on there vehicle, or if you were in an accident while somebody performed a hit and run. UMC is when the accident was the fault of someone else, and their liability limits will not cover the damage or medical expenses. UM also covers the expenses of your passengers that were injured while in a accident. 

UMC limits must be the same as your liability limits. There are ways were you can request a lower limit, in this case please contact your agent and ask them to inform you on how to do so. Although if you ask to get UMC, please remember that you need the state minimum limits ; $50,000/$100,000

Maine is a an At Fault insurance state. 

Maine follows an at fault system in determining how an not at fault party can be made whole again. That means if the driver was at fault, then they are financially liable. In return the person that was not at fault can seek compensation in a few different ways. Drivers can:

File a claim under their own auto insurance policy

File a lawsuit for personal injury 
File a claim 

For more information on Maines auto law requirements from the government brochure please click here.


Did you know?

Taking driver safety courses helps qualify you for Cheap Car Insurance by giving you a "safe driver" discount.


Saving Money Tip

While shopping around for Cheap car Insurance ask your Agent if there is an app or device that tracks safe driving


Tip for safer driving

Its easier to get Cheap Car Insurance with a clean driving record.and safe vehicle