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Taking driver safety courses helps qualify you for Cheap Car Insurance by giving you a "safe driver" discount.


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While shopping around for Cheap car Insurance ask your Agent if there is an app or device that tracks safe driving


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Its easier to get Cheap Car Insurance with a clean driving record.and safe vehicle 


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Vehicle Features That Impact Auto Insurance Rates

Auto insurance providers hardly reveal to you what vehicle features impact your rates (except when asked). It’s vital to consider what type of vehicles and features that can help you save money on Auto Insurance Old Orchard Beach, ME.

Purchasing a new car certainly is a whole lot of work on one part. It requires you carrying out research on budget, the right brand of vehicle, model, vehicle dealers, and much more.

If you are seeking for the cheapest type of automobile to insure, it’s essential to consider the cars & certain features that will save you extras. Below are some of these factors:

1. Vehicle Size

Irrespective of what you have in mind, the size of your automobile connects with the price of your monthly auto insurance premium. Insurers seek out few features of your automobile in connection with size to decide your Auto Insurance Old Orchard Beach, ME rates. For example, larger automobiles such as SUVs are generally considered to be safer than smaller automobiles when the picture of accident comes into the scene. SUVs are developed exclusively for families, hence their size & regular safety features provides them a much higher safety-rating than most other automobiles. With a higher safety rating for a vehicle, you are sure to enjoy lower premiums.

Automobiles that have powerful engines like that of V8 will cost more to insure when compared to others with smaller engines. Insurers follow the school of thought that proposes that automobiles with more powerful features would attract drivers that are more in the cards to drive faster, racking up speeding tickets. This means that with respect to engine of vehicles, size does have a link with pricing.

2. Automobile Age

The difference in periodic premium fees for older or newer automobiles lies in the likelihood of the insurer having to substitute the vehicle if there is a severe accident. Different from new cars, an old one is more in the offing to be considered summed in an accident due to the cost of repairs. Newer automobiles are much more costly for the insurance provider to replace and thus less considered totaled, however in case you have an older car, you might consider reducing rate pile-up from your policy and utilize the cash that you save to look towards getting a newer automobile.

3. Robbery rating

Modest automobile models often attract robbers since these are so often ignored on the road. This means that if you automobile is on the list of the leading 10 most stolen vehicles, you are more likely asked to buy higher comprehensive coverage that takes care of damages that are not caused by accidents, thus your monthly premiums are higher. Getting an anti-theft or vehicle tracking device installed within your automobile can help unlock a security discount that will surely reduce your monthly payments.

At Cheap Car Insurance - we take pride in educating our clients on personal injury protection, cheap sr-22 insurance, motorcycle insurance and best insurance coverage options. Our goal is to help all our clients enjoy the benefits of affordable Auto Insurance Old Orchard Beach, ME – whether as a student, learner driver or older driver.   

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