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Taking driver safety courses helps qualify you for Cheap Car Insurance by giving you a "safe driver" discount.

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While shopping around for Cheap car Insurance ask your Agent if there is an app or device that tracks safe driving



1.      Why do I need auto insurance?
Getting an auto insurance policy saves you money and sometimes, jail time during a car or vehicular accident. If you are in an accident and you get sued without having auto insurance, you could be sued to a court which obviously takes more money than you realize.

2.      Is the auto policy restricted to me alone?

No, it’s not- you can include any member of your family in your auto insurance policy. However, they must all be residing in the same address as you.

3.      Can I cancel my auto insurance coverage anytime?

You are free to cancel your auto insurance coverage anytime. However, it is advisable that you wait till the end-date of your policy so that you do not get charged for a cancellation fee.

4.      I am a man; will that increase my premium charge?

Yes, based on the driving statistics; it is a fact that the males are involved in more accidents on the road than the females; therefore, your premium will be slightly more than what a female will pay.

5.      Does the color of my car determine the rate of the premium?
No, it does not! Although there is a myth that red cars are pulled over more and there is a high chance that black cars may not be easily seen in low light conditions, we do not consider all these factors when dealing with auto insurance.

6.      Whose insurance will I use if I get in an accident with someone else’ car?
You will use their auto insurance at first and then if there’s any cost leftover, you will use yours.

7.      What if my car is very old; can it still be covered?
The shape in which the vehicle is will determine this. Normally, there is less coverage for older cars since their worth is very low and because they have a high tendency of being scrapped together in an accident.

8.      What locations does Cheap Car Insurance cover?
Click on the following link to see the locations we cover; http://www.cheapcarinsurance.club/locations.html

9.      What type of insurable risks does Cheap Car Insurance insure?
We insure almost all types of vehicles with insurable risks including but not limited to cars, boats, RV (Recreational Vehicles), commercial autos, business autos, and specialty.

10.  How long will it take me to file a claim or get a quote?
Filing a claim or getting a quote on Cheap Car Insurance takes nothing more than 20 minutes at most. You may file a claim or get a quote by using our contact information found on the website.

11.  Will Cheap Car Insurance disclose my information to other insurance companies?
We indirectly share your information with other insurance companies. This may occur when you make a claim to have your insurance switched to another insurance company. To carry out this request, we are required to place your claims history information to the national loss-underwriting database where this information will then be available to every insurance company that is giving thoughts to insuring you.

12.  Does Cheap Car Insurance check credit score?
Although your credit report or credit scores do not imply that you are eligible to enter into an insurance policy, it may help to know if you are capable of paying your bills or not- hence the need to determine your insurability.

Since premium is a bill you have to pay like other bills, having a poor credit score can hinder of from insuring you. We would not want to risk you missing any of your premium payments.

13.  Can I modify or change my auto insurance policy?
Yes, you can modify or make changes to your auto insurance policy by talking to your assigned agent. He’ll walk you through the process.

14.  Will my policy cover a rented car as well?
That depends on the state you are in. usually, your policy covers any vehicle which has the same value as your insured car.

15.  Will my rate increase if I am involved in an accident that is not my fault?
An accident that is not caused by you will not affect your rate since it was not caused by you.

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