Are there any special discounts for good drivers in maine?

Drive Safe & Save puts you in control of your car insurance. You get an initial discount just for signing up and, from there, you can save up to 30% 1 depending on how you drive. Learn more about Drive Safe & Save If you're a new driver or under 25 years old, you may be eligible to participate in our Steer Clear program. You can save while learning to be a better and safer driver.

Maine only requires one specific discount on car insurance, but companies also often offer many others. Maine auto insurance companies must offer discounts to drivers over 55 years of age who complete a car accident prevention course. This discount is valid for three years. We've analyzed data from several Maine driver profiles to calculate the average cost of car insurance for minimum coverage.

We've also identified some of the cheapest rates for basic coverage, whether you're constantly driving around Portland or going to visit beautiful Acadia National Park. When comparing the cost of insurance between different insurers, compare the total cost after applying the applicable discounts. We found that USAA offered the cheapest car insurance rates, with minimal coverage, in Maine for different driver needs. Your age plays a role in determining your car insurance premium, as younger drivers, generally under 25, pay more for car insurance.

And there are plenty of other occupational discounts, for example, some insurance companies offer discounts for teachers or firefighters. Insurers offer discounts to their customers for having anti-theft devices and security elements in their vehicles. If another driver crashes into you, you can file a claim against your auto liability insurance or file a lawsuit for your injuries and property damage. Another way to get a discount on your insurance is to stop using paper and receive your documents digitally.

While actual savings will vary depending on the insurance company, the driver's profile and other factors, you may qualify for several discounts that will significantly reduce your car insurance premiums. Vermont Mutual sells insurance through independent agents and offers discounts for combining home and auto policies, insuring multiple vehicles, and having certain protective and safety equipment. Travelers doesn't offer most of the discounts, but it offers potentially the biggest combined discount in Maine.

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