Tips to avoid car accidents

1. Keep looking ahead and scan the area

Don't just look at the road or the lines. Keep an eye on vehicles and other objects that may be hazards. This will give you a better chance on reacting quicker than if you only focused on the road.This will also decrease your chance of hitting another vehicle or person if you were to need to break fast. 

2. The 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock position is ideal for your hand position

This position is recommended because it gives you the best control over your vehicles when you need to maneuver quickly avoid an vehicle or another hazard. Please don't be lazy and drive with one hand on the 12 o'clock position. 

3. Take care of your car

Stick to maintenance schedules for the long term. This makes sure that the vehicle will respond how it should. Don't push your cars maintenance schedule back. Giving regular oil changes, tire changes, and regular maintenance gives your vehicle a better chance to maneuver if you had to. 

4. Don't use the fast lane

By staying out of the fast lane, and using the right lane or center lane, you will give yourself a better chance of maneuvering if something went wrong. When you are in the left lane you will see yourself speeding more often, which can also lead to speeding tickets. By sticking with the slower traffic, statitstics show that an accident is less likely to occur.More accidents happen in the left lane, so stick to the shoulder.

5. Stop speeding

Even though you may want to get to a place quicker, stop speeding. Speed results in more accidents and more speeding tickets. Plus, you can maneuver a lot better going at a slower rate. Slow dоwn!

6. Drive slow when weather is bad

You cannot avoid mother nature. Bad weather is going to happen no matter what. Driving cautiously could save your life. Bad weather reduces vision, and can affect the way you maneuver your vehicle. The best advice we can give you at Cheap Car Insurance is when it is raining or snowing, hit the breaks.

7. Avoid night driving as much as possible. Night time = Wrong time

Even though you may be able to avoid traffic at night, try to stay off the road. You vision at night is simply not as good as daytime. Fatigue is actually setting in at night going unnoticed. Increasing your probability of falling asleep at the wheel.  Also, more drunk drivers and joyriders are out at night. After midnight people are more likely to be leaving the bar or parties, maybe even concerts or the game. Night time is the right time to drive defensively. What if you have a headlight out? 

8. Go to driving school

Going to a driving school will help tremendously. It could be a simple defensive driving course or a high speed driving school. Either will help you when it comes to maneuvering you vehicle when it means the most. 


Put the сеll phone in your pocket. This simple strategy could save not only your life but the lives of others. Pull over and talk or text if you need to. Eating needs to be postponed as well. Pull into a restaurant or fast food place and eat there. 

10. Look in your blind spots

While using your mirrors may seem a lot easier, checking your blind spot is the best way to proactively avoid accidents. It is completely necessary to check that blind spot and make sure another vehicle is not there. A driver will hit or make another person swerve out of the way because they didn't check to see if another car was there. This example occurs very regularly. A quick glance can help avoid car accidents. 

Avoiding Car Accidents

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Taking driver safety courses helps qualify you for Cheap Car Insurance by giving you a "safe driver" discount.

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