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Car Insurance in Maine

Do you need to know more about Maine and how to get cheap car insurance? Did you know that Bath Maine is known as the city of ships. Bath Iron works is one of the states leaders in employement.

Also, We all know winter is coming. Its that time to have your bike stored away, A  Cheap car Insurance policy can help protect you and your motorcycle. Our friendly Cheap Car Insurance Agent would be happy to help. 

Cheap Car Insurance Maine strives to inform you on what auto policy fits your needs the most. Do you need PIP? PIP stands for personal injury protection or personal insurance protection. It is an add on line of insurance. Call Cheap Car Insurance for the best insurance quote for every circumstance.

Your auto policy can have six coverages. Liability insurance, Medical payments, Property Damage, Personal Injury Protection, Comprehensive, and Collision. Have one of Cheap Car Insurance Agents help explain the difference and/or click on informational links at the bottom of the screen for more info. 

Additionally Cheap Car insurance will provide coverage you can rely on, your policy will come with the support of an agent willing to answer all your questions. Your Cheap Car insurance knows all the special needs you may have includings, Cheap SR22 Insurance, Liability Car Insurance, Teen Drivers Insurance, How to Avoid Car Accidents, and the Best Insurance companies to place you with. Call today!

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Best Insurance Quote

Call now to get a Quote: 

​Open 24 Hours!!!

Shop Around

Dont assume that the first company that you talk to is the cheapest

Consider Large Insurers and Local Small Insurers

Progressive, State Farm Allstate and Geico control over half of the nations insurance business. But smaller more local insurers; Concord Insurance and Vermont Insurance sometimes will have better rates for customers with a preferred status and have better satisfaction rates.

Improve your credit score

Your fico score plays a significant role in getting a good rate. Insurers believe that a good credit score correlates with less claims. You can possibly save thousands of dollars having a good credit score compared to a bad one. This practice is not allowed in three states: California Hawaii and Massachussets.

Be sure to check your credit regularly. 

Eliminate Comp and Collision coverage if you have an older car

Collision will pay for the damage that occured to the automobile that was the fault of the driver that was insured. Comprehensive coverage will protect you against vehicle damages not caused by a collision. Examples but not limited too Theft, vandalism, fire, hail, flood, animal damage. The max claim amount for either coverage can not exceed the value of the car if it’s victim to theft or a complete loss. If your car is aged and if the premium is more the 10% of the value, you should rethink wether it makes sense to pay for this covereage

Make sure your getting all discounts. You may qualify for some of the following discount but not limited to:

-Multi Car discount  

-Clean driving record

-Paperless statements (Online billing)

-Certain safety features (alarm, antitheft etc)

-Paying bill in 6 month term, or yearly term

-Being a member of certain professional organizations (AAA) 

-Senior citizen 

Be sure to compare Quotes and not go on discounts available alone. 

Raise your deductible

By raising your deductable to 1000 from a smaller amount will eliminate smaller claims and save your money in the long run. 

Eliminate extras

Because car insurance policies can be so baring, your agent may over insure. Often bundling features that you don’t need. Why get something and pay for it if your dont need it? The keyword here is NEED.  This is why you need to go over your policy from time to time and make sure your not paying for something that you done NEED. If there ever is anything in question about your policy, call your agent and have them explain in fine detail everything that is confusing. 

Never let your Insurance Lapse

If you let your insurance lapse then you will pay for it. This will eliminate all discounts that was provided originally. Make sure if you get new insurance to get proof of insurance from the insurer before canceling your old insurance. 


Did you know?

Driving with shoes on can help qualify you for Cheap Car Insurance by giving you a "safer driver" discount.

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Saving Money Tip

While shopping around for Cheap car Insurance ask your Agent if there is an app or device that tracks safe driving

Tip for safer driving

Its easier to get Cheap Car Insurance with a clean driving record.and safe vehicle