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Tip for safer driving

Its easier to get Cheap Car Insurance with a clean driving record.and safe vehicle 


The best way to find the lowest rate is to shop around. 

If your car insurance is cost is too high, you’ve got to look around other companies. Thankfully Cheap Car Insurance Maine has access to the best and most competitive insurers. 

We start by finding the best companies

Cheap Car Insurance has found the two key auto insurers in Maine, Progressive and Concord. But there are also many other insurers you should get a quote from. Try getting Consumer Reports. These reports will help you identify who the best insurance companies are.  Also, Google is the best search engine to help finding what best fits your needs

Cheap Car Insurance will then get you the best quote

Once you find your possible insurers that fit your unique situation, call them and find out what the best price they have to offer. It may take 10 to 15 minutes via telephone with Cheap Car Insurance Maine. However, you can shop around online with insurers and that takes typically 15 minutes per insurer.  

Independent Brokers may offer the easiest and fastest way to get a quote. Cheap Car Insurance along with most other agents will get quotes from the nations leading insurers. 

After getting your quotes, you will then need to take a look and see the difference between them. Every quote then needs to be compared that way you know the comparison is competitive.

Frequently Asked Question

What should I do if a company with bad reviews offer you a the best quote? Cheap Car Insurance says to stay away from them! They have bad reviews for a reason. The price might be in your budget, however, make sure that the agent and agency will do what is best for your needs. Cheap Car Insurance strives for excellence and has top rated Customer Service. 

The good rule to go by is if the price of comprehensive and collision surpasses ten percent of your prior vehicles value, that’s the time cancel and only liability. Check your vehicles worth by going to google and typing in your year make and model, then check some of the sites that offer price guides. 

Here is a good example. If your Toyota Tundra books for $9,000. If you’re puting more than $900 annually (which is 10% of $9,000) for comprehensive and collision, that is no longer financially makes sense.  THere are exeptions: If you could not pay the loss to your vehicle if your were to get into an accident, then you should keep comprehensive and collision.

If you want to save the most on your premium get a deductible of $1,000 . You’ll premium will be lower and won’t put in as many smaller premium enhancing claims.

Finally, At Cheap Car insurance we recommend that you know exactly what you need for insurance before purchase any insurance. Our agents will help explain anything in detail that you are wary about.  In a perfect world you would want the best coverage at the cheapest and affordable price.

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Best Insurance Companies

Best Insurance Companies

Insurance Services

Call now to get a Quote: 

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Did you know?

Driving with shoes on can help qualify you for Cheap Car Insurance by giving you a "safer driver" discount.

Saving Money Tip

While shopping around for Cheap car Insurance ask your Agent if there is an app or device that tracks safe driving

Car Insurance in Maine

Do you need to know more about Maine and how to get cheap car insurance? Did you know that Bath Maine is known as the city of ships. Bath Iron works is one of the states leaders in employement.

Also, We all know winter is coming. Its that time to have your bike stored away, A  Cheap car Insurance policy can help protect you and your motorcycle. Our friendly Cheap Car Insurance Agent would be happy to help. 

Cheap Car Insurance Maine strives to inform you on what auto policy fits your needs the most. Do you need PIP? PIP stands for personal injury protection or personal insurance protection. It is an add on line of insurance. Call Cheap Car Insurance for the best insurance quote for every circumstance.

Your auto policy can have six coverages. Liability insurance, Medical payments, Property Damage, Personal Injury Protection, Comprehensive, and Collision. Have one of Cheap Car Insurance Agents help explain the difference and/or click on informational links at the bottom of the screen for more info. 

Additionally Cheap Car insurance will provide coverage you can rely on, your policy will come with the support of an agent willing to answer all your questions. Your Cheap Car insurance knows all the special needs you may have includings, Cheap SR22 Insurance, Liability Car Insurance, Teen Drivers Insurance, How to Avoid Car Accidents, and the Best Insurance companies to place you with. Call today!