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In Maine the SR-22 form acts as protection for its drivers in case of "bad drivers". The Sr-22  will monitor their insurance. Maine state law makes it essential for an insurer to effectively submit the Sr-22. This Sr-22 is evidence of a "bad drivers" or "problematic driver's" financial backing. , and provides proof that their car insurance is current. Maine department of motor vehicles will not provide reminders or notifications. It is up to the automobile operator and the insurer to file the SR-22 and will also make it mandatory to to submit renewals. Maine Sr-22 Insurance Laws effective for a person who has one of the following violations.

- Driving after license suspension

- OUI (operating under the Influence) 

- Driving without a license.

- If you are at fault in an accident resulting in more than $1,000 damage and insurance was not in effect

- Mandatory insurance provisions

- Unsatisfied judgement suspensions


Within the Sr-22, you will notice there are three different certificates

-The Operator's Certificate
-The Owner's Certificate 
-The Operators-Owners Certificate 

Where will I need to show that I filed an SR22?

-At your city hall 

-DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) 

-When you register a vehicle

-Applying for auto Insurance

If you have has any of the violations listed above than an SR22 is mandatory. When registering a vehicle you will need to provide proof of the proper insurance. 

If you work on the road, and not in your residing state or are traveling out of state, your insurance broker will need to be licensed in those states in order to provide insurance.  When a person is legally is requred to get a Sr22 and get insurance on their vehicle through Cheap Car Insurance, Cheap Car Insurance will then forward this information to the state DMV.

How Long does SR22 Insurance need to be maintaned?

In Maine, an Sr-22 is required for 3 years.  

What If a person misses a payment for their SR22 insurance or gets terminated?


Cheap Car Insurance or the insurer that you purchased insurance through, will provide the state and DMV the SR-26. The Sr-26 will show that the person required to file a Sr-22 has not fulfilled there obligation. You may lose your license if you do not file an Sr-22 when it is mandatory to do so. 

How To File for a Sr-22

Call or physically go to an insurance agency and tell your agent you need an Sr-22. Compensate the Agency appropriately. The fee may change depending on the agency you call. Shop around to find the best rate. The State minimum limits in Maine are  coverage of $50,000/$100,000. The operator must have $25,000 per damage to anyone persons property and a minimum of $2,000 to put towards medical payments. The Agency will then send the SR-22 to the Secretary of State. If it gets accepted, the person that applied will receive the Sr-22 from the insurer. The SR-22 in most states, is required for at least 3 years. 

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Cheap SR22 Insurance

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Driving with shoes on can help qualify you for Cheap Car Insurance by giving you a "safer driver" discount.


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While shopping around for Cheap car Insurance ask your Agent if there is an app or device that tracks safe driving


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