How can i save money on car insurance in maine?

Most insurance companies include a discount for insuring more than one car with the same company. These are the most common car insurance discounts available when buying insurance in Maine. If you want to save money on your car policy, be sure to ask about these discounts. State Farm offers the highest percentage discount for combining home and auto insurance in Maine, at about 22% per year.

By contrast, Travelers only offers a discount of approximately 5% on a housing and car package. In addition, you can get a discount on car insurance if you have been a customer for three years without a driving violation. Next, we take a closer look at how car insurance costs in Maine compare to average costs in other states in the country. The Guides Auto team discovered that Maine has some of the cheapest car insurance rates in the country.

The discount does not apply if a court or other government entity requires the insured to complete the approved car accident prevention course because the insured has committed a traffic violation. Additional options for car owners include roadside assistance, new car replacement, and car rental coverage. Teenage and young drivers pay much more for car insurance than other age groups because they lack driving experience. If you're a member of the armed forces or a veteran, or if you have close family members in the military, you can get car insurance from the USAA.

Next, we'll provide the cheapest car insurance offers in Maine with minimal liability and full coverage. It might be more effective to choose uncombined options from two providers to get the best home and car insurance in Maine. Unless otherwise stated, the rates shown assume that the insurance policy includes a single driver with no fines in their driving record and no claims or periods of coverage. If your car is two years old or less, Allstate will completely replace it with a new model if it's been totaled, instead of giving you a check for the depreciated value.

If you explore uncombined options, you can combine home and car insurance plans from two different providers to save even more money. It should also be noted that if you have an anti-theft device or a vehicle recovery system connected to your car, you can get a discount on your car insurance.

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